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#8562 The History of The Mighty Lost Souls

Posted by Lagsy on 04 April 2006 - 05:19 PM

I give you the history of the once Mighty Lost Souls Clan.

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History of the mighty Lost Souls

"Never have a group of people captured the hearts, and minds of the masses like the LOST SOULS" Daisycutter President of the Lost Souls fan club

The Lost Souls Clan was formed on October 24th, 2002. DOOM, Power and Lazygolfer, all former members of the infamous 666 Clan decided they wanted more out of the game Homeworld than they're previous clan had to offer. So they ventured into the precarious world of forming a new clan.
They agreed on three basic goals to form the concept of the group.
1- Have fun with it.
2- Bring in friends that knew how to play on a competitive level or were willing to work at it so that they could compete on any level.
3- Become a skilled enough group to be invited to any organized competition in Homeworld and win.
Myst was the first to join these three and within hours n00b joined. WHY soon heard the news and he was in. The task was now to spread the word about the new group and bring in friends that wanted the same thing out of Homeworld. A website was hastily put together and a message forum created so that the members could stay in touch outside of the WON lobby and pass ideas. A ladder (Cases Ladder) was created as the main tool to use in improving both individual and team skills. The ladder was also a means to "Feed the Need" for some members who just loved to compete and keep a record of how they did.
Jesus, an old and mostly forgotten member of the 666 clan showed up one night in the WON lobby. After talking to a few of the Lost Souls he too decided to join. Soon Leathel, Darkhand, Numb and Darkness (our first South American member) joined. Now the ball was rolling and the clan started to take shape. Because of the friendly nature of this small group and they're willingness to "give a good game" the Lost Souls quickly gained respect in the Homeworld community.
As the core of the Lost Souls started to contemplate who actually should be allowed to join and who should not Battle and Don-Q happened upon the scene. Don-Q, a good friend of the founders had the skills and desire to compete with the rest of the "Souls". Battle loved the concept of the group and promised to work as hard as anyone to "Get Skilled". Stigma, a very popular and respected member of the 666 clan unfortunately had a meltdown of his computer and after months of work took the ashes of what was once known as the most feared comp in 666 and resurrected himself in WON. Looking for his old friends he soon heard about the new group and joined. During the holidays of 2002 QWH, Ryleth and Witt joined.
A new year was upon the Lost Souls and n00b more than anyone else in the clan was intent on cementing our place in the Homeworld community as a legitimate "Skilled" clan. So congratulations to n00b....... you succeeded buddy. An idea was bantered about amongst the Lost Souls that it might be a good idea if the clan hosted a few "inter-clan" or "open" Homeworld tournaments both to increase our member base and to gain further respect amongst the other more established clans. So the "Tournament of Champions" ladder was created strictly to run Homeworld tournaments open to anyone who wanted to compete and the ladder itself would serve as a record of who competed and how they did. Hosted by the Lost Souls the players who have competed in these tourneys represent the absolute best that are playing Homeworld to date. Since then innerlife, Hope, Rocket, Chain, Simon, Snowy, BillX and Fighterjock have all joined.

Now in the spring of 2003 the Lost Souls face a new challenge..... Nurture and expand a truly unique Homeworld clan and prepare it for the anticipated release of Homeworld 2. Many adventures lie in the coming months......

.....Well Spring has sprung and in the early summer of 2003 a strange mood has encompassed not only the Lost Souls but also the entire Homeworld community. Many of the regular Homeworld players including some of the most skilled in LS are just bored or burnt out on Homeworld and have moved on or show up rarely. The fire is not there anymore in the community in general to even fill a 16-player tournament. Ladder activity in the Lost Souls is almost non-existent. Homeworld 2 is right around the corner and there is anticipation in the air you can feel.
Yet during this quiet period in Homeworld the Lost Souls have gained respect from the community in general and in an effort to bring a little competitive spirit to the game have hosted 10 open Homeworld tournaments. The list of players participating in these tournaments is impressive. Thanks to n00bLS, ChainLS, StigmaLS and MMGreonLS showing the way for the others, the Lost Souls seem to be solidifying as a skilled group. InnerlifeLS, while polishing his skills has taken on the responsibility of administering the new Lost Souls forums. HopeLS (sig master of the group), DsSoulLS and SimonLS are on the verge of joining the most skilled in the clan in proving that the LS can compete and win on any level.
ViciousLS along with StalkerLS, FlyboiLS, WolverineLS, TwistaLS, Waspn8terLS and SlasherLS have all joined.

As the summer months passed and September began more and more Lost Souls members became bored with Homeworld or became too busy with they're real lives or simply didn't like the clan and moved on. The Homeworld community in general had dwindled down to the point where it was rare to find more than 20 people in the WON lobby at one time. About the middle of September Homeworld 2 finally came out. Most of the people left in Homeworld 1 migrated to the new game and many of the folks that used to play Homeworld picked up the new game and started playing. By the middle of October the Lost Souls Clan was down to three active members.... DOOM, Chain and MrBubbles (who joined during the summer). nOOb had left when Homeworld 2 came out and things looked very bleak. The Lost Souls had picked up a member here and there but it was extremely rare to see four Lost Souls in WON at one time. Chain became disillusioned. DOOM had enough of trying to hold together a clan that just didn't seem to want to be held together and one night they decided enough was enough and took off the tags. If it wasn't for one person's devotion to the Lost Souls this clan would be extinct right now.

Every member of the Lost Souls Clan has one person to thank for saving this group.... MrBubblesLS!!!!!

He is the only one who would not give up. He kept the tags...started to search for new members and convinced both DOOM and Chain that there still was life in the Lost Souls. So MrBubbles, Vicious and Chain started recruiting new members. nOOb, seeing new life in the group and realizing that Homeworld 2 was not as spectacular as was promoted came back and once again started teaching the other members some of the more skilled aspects of the game. Vicious has introduced Team Speak to the clan and together with Chain, nOOb and MrBubbles has taken on the responsibility of showing the newer members how to compete and win. Now the clan is stronger than ever. Long Live the LOST SOULS!!!!!!
Lost Soul's leader ship changed hands.
In 2004 LS activity was at a low then a guy named Kahless-SPFH joined the ranks after having a very good team game with DOOMLS. With in 2 to 3 weeks we added MaliceLS to the ranks formerly D-viceMsH. We finally got turambarSPFH to join LS. The older LS became active again SlasherLS, BALOGUNLS, enigmaLS, and others. More where recruited as time progressed. LS was active but not as strong as it once was, but there where many trying to work on this we where still having allot of fun. Then DOOMLS had to take on a job, which left him with no time to play any more. KahlessLS/LagsLS took over hosting tournaments on the HW wide ladder. nOObLS, viciousLS, and chainLS all left the LS ranks with in short order after DOOMLS left to take on an over the road driving job with trucking. So the good man KahlessLS also took it upon himself to help the clan and work out a new forum , and MystLS started to work on a new site. Now a whole new story begins from those who are rising from the ashes of the old LS and the new LS will reign supreme.


ED LS view of his time in LS

LS were falling apart. DOOM: the most famous of all LS ever, had fallen to the depths of the real world. And almost as bad, n00b, another skilled LS, left for SLS and dawn of war. Here they were, a group of friends that just lost their compass. And they needed someone to step up and point them the right direction. The responsibility first fell into the "elders?: Hecate, vicious, and chain. And all of them left for their own reasons. In a blind rage, Kahless also left for SF. but not for long. All his pent up anger had just submerged for a short time. But it was not all his fault; sometimes people have the right to be angry. So then it looked hopeless, therefore, Tyrone also left. So did D!ablo It was then just ED, Myst, outty, velcrox, icabod, OutBreak. And also Turambar and the rest of the temporarily inactive list. People were declaring LS dead, but they refused to give in. The more hopeless things look, the more effort it takes to pull it all back together. LS went through this bad time, until BOOM: Kahless came back to LS as lags. Lags, Myst, and outty developed a new site for LS. Part of the past problem had been that DOOM had left no admins for the other site, so it became useless. Things soon looked bright for our heroes. Turambar became active again, D!ablo returned, and ED and outty had kept faith. Soon LS got new recruits: Gotham, mattimeto, ramirez, and a few others. And to make things better, cutthroat came back from his "vacation from won". Now LS is looking good once again. We have now found our new compass, and it is pointing the right way to happiness.

New chapter in our history

MystLS, KahlessLS, OuttyLS gathered up the reaming lost souls to a place where they can regroup. Lost Souls also started recruiting, and growing to a new light in the journey to find the souls lost to them. Venturing in to new games they plan to make many new friends (enemies are sure to be found as well), and possible recruits in new horizons. Our journey takes US to a whole new Light in the journey to find the Souls Lost to us at the Sea of Lost Souls. Where this journey will take us is not important to us at this time as the journey itself creates more of an impact on our lives then the destination will. Lost Souls will create a very big impact at every game they play, and create a respect with every player of those games.

Then TurambarLS returned to help us out with training. D!abLo came back and is helping out very much with training He also is working on a LS presence in Counter Strike. OutbreakLS is keeping won fun by playing allot of games. ED LS is active and keeping LS hopes up by kicking but and taking losses like a champ. Also thanks to all our members old and new alike for all your support and activity. United we shall once again be the dominance in Homeworld and other games yet to come we shall make our selves known.

Our goal is not yet important it?s our journey to reach that goal that will impact our lives in ways many cant yet comprehend. When that time comes you will know then how to deal with it and understand what has happened.

"Lost Souls Unite together we can take the world by storm."

The Armageddon of the Lost Souls Clan

The Winter of 2004 grew into 2005 and spring came, LS had its bumps, but the clan remained strong.
As the months went by, members began to fade off from LS, some permanently; Myst, Outty, Camoze, Ed, Enigma, Mogwa, among others.... suddenly LS seemed to be a fading power, with the future looking grim.
One day, after several clashes on WON and several forums, Kahless began to grow weary of the work and RL began to catch up to him. After a particular incident just before a tourney he was hosting, it came to a head, and Kahless took a temporary leave of absence, leaving Cutthroat in charge. After briefly returning, Kahless turned in his tags and administrating powers and left the clan for good to take his own road. The clan now fell into the hands of Cutthroat and Tyrone. Fortunately, help was on the way with the return of key members such as Diablo, Camoze, and Eddy the clan appeared reenergized. A sharp return to activity from Thelen, the addition of some long-lost 666 legends in Cool and Darkrftr, and some promising new recruiting additions in M3rcDragon, Darksaber and CMS. I was looking that LS was about to make a come back then by some miracle chance the player DjAirwolf managed to get voted back into the clan. Members got really annoyed at this Camoze left only weeks after DjAirwolf was let back in. When DjAirwolf was giving admin power and started running the clan with no objections from the active leaders more members left till it was only cutthroat, DjAirwolf, cool, Darkrftr, Thelen shar. Finally cutty gave up with the attacks on the forum by Camoze using his admin powers after leaving and handing out admin to any one who wanted it. Camoze finally went to far and deleted DjAirwolf's account from the forum and banned him. Although allot of people agreed DjAirwolf deserved no less it was going to far. Finally Kahless (clanless at this time) stepped back in and had thelen Shar give him admin power to clean up the mess. He declared the clan as dead as no more originals where left at all only players who did not care about the true soul of the once mighty Lost Souls gamming Clan. DjAirwolf made claims he will rebuild LS on a new forum in star wars empire at war, and in counter strike. Kahless told him strait out that he has no claim to the real Lost Souls clan name and that his venture is nothing more then a new clan and will only be a seen that way by us older players who hold the true soul of the once mighty Lost Souls Clan.

The name Lost Souls goes down in gaming history in my eyes as the best group of gamers I had the privilege to meet in the game known as Homeworld (the original Homeworld 1).

Salutes to the mighty Soul of the Lost Souls Clan that lived for so long.
God Speed to those who held the true LS soul within them.
A bright future in your new path.