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Evil Has Returned!

01 July 2012 - 08:55 PM

hey hey hey!!! whats up old friends! long time no see. i figured id stop in and catch up with all the old group of guys. cant say ive been playing any HW2 or anything. bummer i know, but i just havent really found much time for gaming and what i do play is usually diablo 3, starcraft 2 or most stuff on my xbox.

still doesnt hurt to let everyone know im still alive. got a new job working for AEP (american electric power) for those who somehow dont know. working as a lineman so im making bank and working about 80 hours a week. if anyone heard about the devastating storms that rolled through the midwest (ohio and WV mostly) well thats where i have been spending most of my time the past few days. and by most i mean nearly all, im actually on my laptop right now in a hotel in WV because i was sent to this state to help clean up. anyways. hope all is well, still rockin the SF tags in anything i play btw lol.