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The Great War Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Sex, Deceit, and Murder

Kahless and LadyKate sat in the backseat of the hover car. The trip from the party to the Governors Palace was pretty steamy. The two of them hadn?t said too much because they had been so involved in the attention they where giving to each other. Kahless found it hard to concentrate on anything else but Kate. The wetness of her lips drove him crazy. He felt her warm and wet embrace and loved it. Her body was pressed against his and he could feel her breasts through the thin material of his shirt. His hand slowly stroked her body exploring her as she drove him wild.

The attention he was now receiving was really very welcome but he was used to it most of the time. He was after all the supreme governor of the most populated system in the entire Empire. The Dolorian system held 3 lush green densely populated planets. It was by far one of the oldest systems in the Empire. Its colonization had occurred in the
early years of the Empire some 4,700 years ago.

Many of the Empires top commercial centers and factories were located on the 3 planets. Kahless had ruled them with an iron fist for over 23 years. He had been one of the few governors the late Emperor had allowed to have free reign in how he ruled. He had been on of his most loyal supporters and had even helped boost production all around the empire by implementing slave labor through his fiefdom. His popularity had soured with his subjects however around the Empire it had sky rocked. Barons and Dukes all around instantly became friendly with him in order to gain special favors with him in the buying of slaves from him system. Many governors had tried to copy his idea and slavery had spread through the Empire like a wild fire but none had done as good of a job as Kahless had.

His success at the trade had make Kahless one of the wealthiest Nobles in history. Second only to the Imperial Family. When the old Emperor had been killed by the treacherous Kushan many nobles across the Empire had petitioned the senate to make Kahless the new Emperor, but Malice the oldest daughter of the Emperor had gained control of a majority of the military generals and admirals. She had assumed the throne.

Kahless had hoped that like her father, Malice would continue the tradition of leaving him alone to rule his sector as he saw fit. However Malice saw knives in everyone?s hands and poisons in every drink. She had become completely paranoid of all the others throughout the Empire who could possibly lay any claim to the throne.

In her eye?s none was more dangerous then Kahless. He was after all the wealthiest person with the most resources at his disposal of anyone else. If anything could have made him even more dangerous it was the fact that he was so good at negotiating. His specialty was securing trade deals for his sector throughout the Empire. But like all mean of great power there were bound to be some weaknesses, something that could be exploited.

Ever since Kahless had been a young military officer he had shared a fond appreciation for the opposite sex. He loved women, their smell, their look, and their little quirks. The way they walked, and the little sounds of ecstasy some made as they made love. He was quite smitten with women. After he had became the governor of his sector he had been the source of a number of scandals in the Imperial court. Several wives and even a few daughters of some of the Noble families had fell victim to his sly charms.

Attracting women had came very naturally to him so he head never really given to much thought to his encounter with Kate and the way they had been brought together. Every time he had attended parties like the one he had attended that night he was always beset upon by women who loved men of power. He was talking to the head of a conglomerate of companies from his capitol city when he had noticed her. Even from halfway across the great grand ballroom Kate had taken his breath away.

Kate had the build of a gymnast. She had slightly reddish hair that came down to her shoulders. She wore a strapless dress that reviled her shoulders and arms. The dress had a scandalously low V-line that reveled a lot of cleavage. Kahless was taken back by the size of Kate?s bosom. It was very disproportionate to the rest of her. Looking down he saw that she had a very small waist and what looked like a rock hard backside.

The dress came about halfway down to her knee?s reveling some very sculpted legs. It was obvious this women went to great lengths to take care of herself and how she looked. Kahless was used to being around attractive women but this lady took the cake. She had to have been the most striking women he had ever laid eye?s on.

Kahless had asked his assistant to find out who she was and why he had never seen her before now. After what had seemed like an eternity to him his assistant had returned to inform him she was a member of a party that had come calling to try and secure a trading route with his system. She was one of the negotiators and they were at the party having fun until their scheduled meeting with Kahless?s minister of trade the next day.

Seeing a wonderful opportunity Kahless made his way over to Kate and introduced himself. The reception he received was better then he could have hoped for. The two hit it off right away. The rest of the party they spent with each other they talked and danced and laughed. Kahless found her smell to be intoxicating. Every time he got close to dance with her he found himself gripped by a strong sexual desire for her. It was almost like the lusty animal side of his brain took over. Also her penetrating gaze from her intense green eye?s enraptured him.

He completely ignored everyone else that was at the party. Usually Kahless would of let the women fawn all over him and he would play the uninterested game until he decided which one he would take home with him. Kate was a different story. This was a woman worthy of a governor. A man of his power desired a woman like this, and she was a splendid trophy that he would love to show off. Others would be very envious of his prize.

His invitation for her to join him back at the governors Palace for cocktails was accepted with great delight by Kate. She had slipped her arms into his as they walked out of the party and gotten into the hover car. What was it about this woman that had him eating out of her hands? That smell was almost too much for Kahless to handle.

Almost immediately after the driver had started them back to the Palace Kahless had made his move. Reaching his hand back behind Kate?s neck he started stroking it, he then leaned in slowly and started kissing her. The kiss was very passionate; the silky smooth texture of her lips and their wetness drove him wild. He felt himself starting to get aroused. She responded in turn by leaning up against him and moved her knee up into his crotch giving him a nudge. After a moment she hiked up her skirt a little so she could straddle him.

Not remembering when he had ever been this turned on before Kahless lost himself to the moment. He let his hands start exploring her. She responded to it by moaning a little in anticipation and appreciation. His hands moved across her body and were surprised to discover that her skin was extremely soft. Softer then he had thought it would be for as fit as she was. He also discovered that she really responded to him as she squeezed her butt and the nice shape that it had. He realized that she was wearing a thong made from silk. The feel of her breasts through his shirt was also very nice.

Kate disentangled herself for a moment and grabbed her handbag she had with her. Reaching inside she took out a little container that had several little red pills in it. Smiling Kate whispered teasingly ?Its entice.?

Kahless had heard of the designer drug. The drug was most commonly used by wealthy merchants who kept harems of pleasure slaves. The drug was designed to heighten the sexual experience. It made the sense of touch and sexual feeling extra sensitive, and also for men it also allowed them to keep an erection for up to 7 hours. It was extremely expensive so not many people used it.

He had never used it before but the thought of making love all night to this women made the offer too irresistible. Kahless took one of the red pills and popped it into hi mouth. After about 10 minutes he started to feel the affects. Every kiss became even more intoxicating, when he touched her it felt like a little bit of electricity shooting through his fingers. The press of their bodies together was almost too much for him to bear.

They where very involved with each other as the hover car came to a stop outside the main door of the Palace. They got out of the vehicle and made their way through the front entrance. Servants scurried all around about their many tasks. Kahless paid them no mind or notice they were in fact there to serve him. It was almost a 5-minute walked to the north wing of the Palace were Kahless?s Palace suite was. Kate noticed tons of guards stationed everywhere. As they approached the suite Kate saw the two largest guards she had ever seen in her life. It was clear no uninvited guests would ever get in there, unless they wanted a whole lot of trouble.

Kahless noticed as the two entered his suite the drug he had taken was making him extremely energized. He almost felt like he could go for a run and never stop. He walked over to the dresser and emptied his contents of his pockets onto the top of it. Grabbing the remote that was on the dresser he hit a button and a fire sprang up in the middle of the room into the fake logs in the fireplace. His gaze fell onto Kate who was walking around the room taking it all in. She would reach out and tough things as she strolled around.

She must of felt his gaze on her, she turned around and put down her handbag. Her voice almost purred as she spoke. ?Do you like what you see?? A sly seductive smile spread across her face.

Kahless responded in kind. ?Yes I do. As a matter of fact I plan on enjoying it all night long.?

?That would be wonderful. I plan on keeping you up all night long.? Kate said as she slipped off her shoes.

She walked slowly over to Kahless and when she reached him she reached out and started unbuttoning his shirt. Even though he was over twice her age he was very strong and well built. She could feel he had a large strong chest and a slight six pack for a stomach. His arms where large well muscled, they reached around her and fondled her hips as she toyed with his shirt.

Once Kate had his shirt off she pushed Kahless back onto the bed. He fell backwards and grinned as she crawled on top of him and started kissing his chest. Reaching back behind her he unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down to her waist. Her breasts fell out of her dress because she hadn?t been wearing a bra. The sit before Kahless caused him to have to catch his breath.

Kate startled him and sat up; she took his hands and moved them up to take hold of her breasts. Kahless gasped for two reasons. 1st the drug he had taken was in full affect. He had never gotten such a pleasurable sensation like that before. 2nd he had assumed from looking at her that she like many other ladies in the Empire had gotten medically enhanced because of the disproportionate size of her breasts to her body. With the one touch he discovered that they where entirely natural.

Kate moaned at the touch. The drugs where obviously working on her too. Reaching his hands around her, he pulled her down toward him and started sucking on her nipples. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the intense pleasurable ecstasy of the moment. Kahless discovered that while he was sucking on one breast Kate loved to be pinched on the other breast. For some reason a little bit of pain turned her on.

?Don?t stop, that feels wonderful.? Kate said through clenched teeth. The feeling she was experiencing was almost too much for her to endure too.

After a few minutes of Kahless?s oral pleasure for Kate she could sense and feel him becoming aroused. The sounds of her moans were obviously turning him on. She could feel a bulge in his pants and she pulled herself away from him and got off the bed. She finished taking the rest of her dress off and let it drop to the floor.

Her thong soon joined her dress on the floor and she approached Kahless completely naked. He had never seen a more beautiful site in his life. This women looked like she had been drawn from his deepest desires and came to life. She approached him and took hold of his feet and began pulling his shoes off.

Kahless sat halfway up and rested on his elbows underneath him watching Kate undress him. God that smell he thought to himself, what was it about it that was driving him so wild. Leaning in she unbuttoned his pants and then unzipped them with her teeth. She then slid them off of him and noticed the rather large bulge in his briefs. Kate gave a seductive smile and bit her lip and looked long at Kahless. The smile on her face broadened as she quickly yanked his underwear off of him.

Leaning down between his legs she took him completely inside of her mouth and started a slow tender sucking motion. Kahless arched his head back as the shier delight and feeling of the experience overwhelmed him. Thinking to himself he must be in heaven he lost himself to the pleasure. Her head was moving up and down in a steady motion. She reached up with her hand and started stroking the base of his shaft and fell in sync with her mouth. She could feel him starting to build, and his body tensing up after a few minutes.

?Not yet I am not done with you.? She said to him as she stopped her oral pleasure to him. Kate was not about to let him explode yet.

She leaned back in and started kissing the lower base of his stomach and started working her way up from there. As she moved up to his chest she started kissing him on his nipples and moving her hand back down she took hold of his manhood and gently rubbed her hand across the tip of the head.

Kahless just couldn?t believe this. He had never met a woman so skilled in making love before. She knew just what he liked. He let out a shout. ?Oh God that?s wonderful.?

Kate smiled inside of herself, men were so predictable, and she knew just what they all liked. Most of them were the same. She went back to kissing him full on the mouth and pressed her body against his very hard. He felt her silky smooth soft body against his. He had to be inside of her.

?You will like this, trust me.? Kate said to Kahless, she motioned for him to move over to the edge of the bed near the end of it. He did it, he was enjoying himself like never before, and if she wanted him to do something he would do it no matter what. She had him lay with his head angled off the bed over the marble board that kept the mattress on the bed. The rest of his body was on the mattress as she moved toward him.

She gave one last squeeze to his manhood with her hand and then moved up and straddled him so that he slipped inside of her. The feeling of him entering her was great. The warm wetness of it sent shivers up her spin. He could barely contain himself and keep from exploding right then. God that drug was awesome Kahless thought to himself. The feeling of himself inside of her was almost too much for him. She was very tight and he could feel her squeezing him with her vaginal muscles inside of her.

She started moving up and down and he reached up and took hold of her breasts again. The softness of them and the feel of them in his hands plus the felling of himself inside of her was amazing. She started moving up and down faster and started moaning very loudly.

?Oh faster, faster, don?t stop.? She yelled out as she could feel the heat building up inside of her. The drug was doing the same to her as it was to him. The feeling was almost indescribable.

After a few moments of rocking back and forth she began to slowly quicken her pace. Her breasts and hair started bouncing up and down because she was moving so fast. Her body glistened with sweat as small beads of perspiration started to run down her back. Faster and faster she moved and she could tell Kahless was building up because the look on his face was one of trying to hold off an impending explosion.

?Hold it my love, don?t let it go yet. Fight it.? She purred to him.

She knew he was going to burst any second; there was no way he would be able to hold it any longer. She reached down and took his face in her hands; it was wet from all the perspiration. His entire body became rock hard as every muscle in his body tensed. A look of ecstasy crossed his face.

He let out a controlled sign as his body began to relax she knew he was climaxing and now was the time for the attack she had been planning. Just as his body completely relaxed she made her move.

Arching herself from her knee?s onto the balls of her toes she thrust forward with all of speed and force she could muster with her body weight behind it. Her hands forced Kahless?s head back with the base of his neck hitting the marble board holding the bed together. As Kate?s continued to push, Kahless?s neck emitted a loud snap as the neck broke under the weight of the attack. Kate knew she had succeeded in her attack has his entire body went limp. Slowly she climbed off of Kahless and got off the bed. She kneeled down next to him and could see the look of confusion and shock on his face. He couldn?t talk or move his body.

To finish the job she took her hands and covered his mouth and nose to suffocate him. As she saw his life fading before her eyes she leaned in and whispered into his ear. ?Our Imperial Highness Malice sends her warmest regards and wants you to know that your services as governor will no longer be required. She will take care of the system and no one will ever challenge her claim to the throne.? As she finished whispering the last bit of life faded from Kahless?s eyes.

Kate stood up and walked over to the sink in the corner of the room and cleaned herself up and then dried off. She dressed herself and retrieved her handbag. Looking back over at the body laying half off the bed Kate smiled to herself. Her orders had been simple. Kill Kahless but it was not specific how. Normally when she would take on an assignment she would of used a sniper rifle or poisoned the target.

With this particular mark she knew she would have never gotten the opportunity. He was to heavily guarded. She realized that she would have to rely on the skills she had learned back long ago when she had been a slave. Besides no were was it written that she couldn?t get a little pleasure out of the deal for herself. Kate enjoyed her career very much. She had become one of the most sought after assassins in the Empire.

Kate moved over to the window and looked out of it. Taking a small device out of her handbag that looked like a makeup case she passed it over the edge of the window frame. Being that it was the governors private quarters their was bound to be a sophisticated alarm system. 3 little beeps chirped from the device letting her know the system had been deactivated. Opening the window she climbed out onto the ledge.

Looking out over the north side of the compound she saw the outer edge of the outer wall. It looked to be about 20 feet tall and there was plenty of ground to cover to get there. Also the object was to get there undetected. Kate started climbing down from Kahless?s window ledge to the ground. It took her a little while because she didn?t have any climbing gear. She had known she could take almost nothing with her because of the targets profile. Thank God she was agile and in shape. Most people could never of made the decent.

As she reached the ground she immediately found cover behind a large bush. She paused a moment to examine the best route to take so she could move from cover to cover, she also was mindful of the sentries she could see walking around. She knew that the whole security of the place had been set around the idea of keeping people out of the palace, not for keeping someone from trying to get out.

Kate was very cautious as she moved from cover to cover. Several times she had to get down and lay perfectly still as not to draw attention to herself. She had made it about half way to the outer wall when she ran into a real challenge. She was hiding behind a bush when a sentry had stopped in front of the bush. He started sniffing at the air because he smelled something odd.

Great she thought to herself. She had worked very had with a research scientist for the perfume she had worn that evening. For weeks the two had worked together to find the exact formula to help her gain sexual control over Kahless. They had obtained a sample of his hair from the Imperial hospital at great price so they could design the exact formula to work with Kahless and only him.

Most people would have found the scent pleasant but they wouldn?t have a reaction like he had. Pheromones were a tricky business, but when you could come up with a precise match great things could be accomplished. If a precise match could be concocted you could almost turn off the reasoning centers of the brain and bring out the animal side.

It had worked just liked she had planned. The cost had been well worth it because for this kind of assignment she could retire if she really wanted to. Granted she wouldn?t, this was the kind of work she loved.

The sentry started looking around. A smell by itself wasn?t enough to raise an alarm all by itself but it was worth a look. Kate got a good bead on were the sentry was and readied herself. She would have to act lightning fast and with surprise if she was going to deal with him without raising the alarm. Kate bent down and picked up a small pebble. The sentry was about to discover her at any moment.

Just as the sentry was upon Kate she tossed the rock into a bush across from her. The sentry turned to the sound away from Kate. She moved in a flash. With a well-placed kick she took the sentry in the back of the knee. As the sentry?s leg folded underneath him she angled a blow with all her body weight behind it and drove her fist with the middle index finger extended out just a little into the sentry?s throat.

The sentry?s eyes went wide with shock. He dropped his rifle and his hands went to his throat. He couldn?t breath because his larynx was crushed. As he was down on one knee trying to gasp for breath Kate came down with a elbow to the base of his neck. The guard collapsed to the ground unconscious. Kate drug the body over behind the bush and concealed it. The sentry would suffocate to death over the next few minutes but Kate didn?t care. She had killed so many people in her life what did one more matter.

She retrieved the sentry?s assault rifle and continued on her way. She noticed it because a little more bright because the second moon crested over the horizon. 10 years ago she would never of guessed this would be her life now. Nothing about her life had been normal or easy.

Kate had been born to the life of a slave. The particular syndicate she was born into was renounced for producing exceptional pleasure slaves. They had started with her when she was just an embryo. Working on her genes they made sure genetically she would be flawless. Also because of the advanced technology they made sure of what shape her body would take as she reached puberty. She had to be desirable to get the best price.

After she was born she was put through years of schooling to insure she would fetch the highest price from some wealthy merchant or noble. As Kate reached puberty her body started to develop in to the beautiful form of perfection she now had. She was one of the finest pleasure slaves the syndicate had ever produced.

When she was 15 she had sold for over 19 million credits. It had been a syndicate record. The next 5 years she spent with a wealthy merchant fulfilling his every desire, and living a life of luxury herself. He showered her with gifts and took great care of her. She lived like a princess, it was the only life she had ever known, and she was very pleased with it. That was until the day the assassin had come to kill her master.

Kate had watched with her own eyes his brutal murder. The assassin instead of killing her had been smitten by her and decided to bring her back with him and over the next few years had schooled her in the deadly arts until her time had come. Kate had re-paid her teacher by poisoning him. He had shattered her world and taken her away from a life of luxury. She was treated like a queen. He had shown her only death and suffering. She had lost the soft side of herself and developed a hard edge to her that would never go away.

One thing was for sure, she would never go back to her previous life. She discovered that she excelled at her new craft. Pulling herself out of her trip down memory lane she made it the rest of the way to the outer wall without any difficulty. After she was over the wall she made her way down the streets of the city for about a mile to a hover vehicle she had positioned their earlier that day.

She knew that when they discovered Kahless?s body they would track it back to the negotiation team he had come in with. They would probably all be tortured and killed for information but that didn?t matter to her. They had served their purpose. Kate disappeared down the street into the night. Another assignment done.

Admiral Ellis leaned against the wall of the landing bay. The carrier Prometheus had served as his flagship since the start of the war. He was utterly exhausted and covered in filth. Not sure whether it had been 3 or 4 days since he had last slept he was starting to wonder how much of his life would be devoted to fighting the Empire. He has seen so many inhuman crimes committed he had wondered how such evil could even exist. He wasn?t even sure if he was going to continue his military carrier.

That however had all changed when a foreign ship and a tiny task force of ships had come out of nowhere and started a course toward the then capital planet of Higaara. Over the course of the next 6 months he had learned the ships where filled with all that had remained of the once exiled Kushan people. Ellis had learned what the Imperial force had done to the exile planet of Karak.

When they had used the forbidden atmosphere device on Karak and killed all life on the planet it had been the final straw for Ellis. He vowed at that moment of clarity to oppose the Empire and form a new order. A government where the people weren?t oppressed and that feared for their safety. Besides evil of this kind had to be stopped no matter what the cost.

He remembered his first contact with the Kushan and realized they were a good people who just wanted to go home and live in peace. They had also helped him spark the great rebellion that had formed the Taiidan Republic from the broken away worlds. That was probably the greatest day of his life. He also remembered the great and final battle in orbit over Higaara when they had destroyed the Emperors Mothership and killed the evil Emperor.

He would never forget. Because of his service and initiative during the great revolt the Republic Senate had named him Fleet Admiral of all Republic forces. He had been very happy with the office until the new war had started. He had wished so greatly that the burden wouldn?t have fallen on him, but that was wishful thinking.

Ellis had been very hard pressed to find allies in their cause. No one it seams wanted to oppose the Imperials. Even the Bentusi had stopped trading with them for fear of reprisals. Not even any of the alien space faring cultures had wanted to work with them except one little tiny clan of Kushan. They called themselves the SF Kiith. It stood for Soban Force and they had even sought out Ellis and the senate to aid in the support of the new republic.

None of the other Kushan clans had wanted anything to do with the war. It just didn?t make any sense. If the Republic fell the Imperials would descend in force on Hiigara and crush the Kushan people. Why didn?t they see that? Were they all blind and dumb? The SF though had been a good source of ideas in how to fight. It seamed that the SF all joined together to try and solve problems. A very powerful advantage.

Ellis had even heard rumors of a War counsel where everyone came together and hashed over ideas. It was even said that they all looked at each other as equals. What great gains he could make if he could get people on his side to do that, but the idea was just to foreign.

The last transmission he had received from his counterpart Malone had suggested a new plan of attack. Malone had recommended that Ellis start using his carriers in a completely unorthodox way. The military doctrine he had been schooled in always said a carrier was a support ship to back up the big boys when they went in for an attack. They were not to be used in a primary role as a fleet spearhead.

Taking Malone advice he pulled four carriers off the main battle lines and set up small escort frigates as defense ships for the carriers. Malone and the SF intelligence service had even included some promising targets. The key was to jump in; hit there targets and jump out as fast as possible. Back when he was an Imperial he was taught that you don?t hit a target unless you plan on keeping. To do otherwise was considered fool hardly.

Ellis saw the logic in this new strategy. If they could hit enough targets the Imperials would have to reassign many front line ships to guard duty. Taking the plan on faith he had assigned his own carrier to the first series of strikes. He had to prove to the other carrier captains that he believed in this new approach. He also wanted them to realize he planned on leading from the front.

Each of the four carriers were given 3 targets to hit in rapid succession. They would all operate in silent mode, not communicating with the main elements of the Republic fleet so as not to give away their position. No one would even know if the mission/raids were successful until they returned from them.

Their 3 targets had been pretty straightforward. The first target they had struck had been a listening post well behind the boarder. The post was a thorn in the side of the Republic because it had helped monitor all fleet movements on the Republic side of the boarder. The attack had been successful, only a few ships had been stationed to guard the post and they had easily overcome them.

Amazingly they had taken no losses themselves. The several ships stationed to guard the outpost were not prepared for swarms of bombers and interceptors. It was obvious they hadn?t expected an attack at all. After all the Republic was in desperate straights. No one would of ever guessed that Republic forces would be launching raids into Imperial space.

Once the guard ships had been dispatched the carrier and her several escort ships had come in and pummeled the outpost until nothing was left. Ellis had been very satisfied with the first objective. The second target was a different story altogether.

Their second target was an Imperial mining base. It consisted of an ore processing facility on the edge of an asteroid belt. Also about a dozen resource collectors and 2 resources controllers. This was the largest resource gathering operations near the boarder. The ore processing planet would convert raw materials to the composite ceramics that where used to construct new ships. The materials were then transferred to the Imperial Shipyards.

It was a very ripe target and should have been a cakewalk. However because of all the attacks the Republic was conducting behind the lines the Imperials were on heightened alert. As they jumped into the target and discovered a missile destroyer on guard patrol.

Ellis had lost an entire squadron of bombers to the Missile Destroyer before the escort ships had engaged the destroyer and diverted the attention of it to them. The fighters and bombers were then able to start hunting the resource operations. After nearly 6 hours of flight sorties most of the collectors had been destroyed. They had tried several sorties against the processing facility but those had failed because the destroyer had stayed close to the facility to guard it. The escort ships had only been able to fight to a stalemate with it.

Not wanting to risk anymore casualties or damage to his carrier Ellis had ordered the small fleet to jump to their next target. It was a 19-hour hyperspace transit to the next target. The second target was only considered a 60% mission success. The rush was on to get all the strike craft repaired in time. The factory inside the carrier was spitting out replacement parts as fast as the crew could swap out the damaged parts.

The third target was going to be the biggest one. They were going to attempt to destroy a supply depot. This was the main re-supply depot for the entire forward elements of the Imperial fleet. Ellis was positive this was going to be a tough fight. There was sure to be lots of ships being re-supplied.

This time he was going to engage them from extreme distance. He knew it would be reckless to jump the fleet to close to the depot. All the flight crews had been working non-stop since this whole campaign had begun. Ellis himself had even come down to help out and was dead tired.

Exhaustion could be seen on everyone?s faces. Looking at his watch he knew that they would be exiting hyperspace in about 15 minutes. Pilots had already started to assemble and were suiting up. Ellis had made a point to learn who all the pilots were. He knew that most likely many of the flyboys would not come back even if the mission was a success. God help them all in this mission.

Outbreak walked into the pilots briefing room. Most of the seats were filled. The room had 50 seats with small displays mounted into the right armrests. 40 of the seats were filled. At the front of the room was a small podium were Outbreak would assign the targets and mission parameters. Behind the podium was a screen that occupied the entire wall. Currently the screen had a display of the targets in the inner solar system. The supply depot was in orbit of a large barren planet. The surface of the planet was littered with craters from meteor strikes. It was clear this planet had never had life.

The display itself switched to a picture of the supply depot. The facility was fairly large; it consisted of 3 different sized facilities connected together by pressurized walk ways and transport tubes. In the center facility was a hanger bay that looked like it was large enough to hold 2 Heavy Cruisers with room to spare.

Each person in the room was very intent in studying the facility. This was going to be a real cluster @#%$. They had no idea how many ships would be at the re-supply depot and what kind of condition they would be in.

Outbreak waved to get everyone?s attention. ?Ok gents, they have really put us into the fire on this one. Seams some tosser back at Fleet Command decided we get the honor of hanging our a**?s on the line again.?

Someone in the back yelled out ?They wanted us because we are the best son?s a bitches around.?

From the opposite side another person called out. ?No we?re just the craziest.? That brought a round of laughter in the room.

Outbreak chuckled ?I think you both are right. Now listen up you misfits. We are going to have to do our best flying on this one so I don?t want to see anyone playing any grab a** out there. We are going in hard and fast. We have four squadrons left. Red squad will fly with me in interceptors. We will fly cover for the other 3 squads.?

Outbreak looked over at Ed. ?Ed you get the pleasure of commanding the bomber. Squads Charlie, Echo and Foxtrot will be our main spearhead. Just get in there and hammer the place.?

Ed looked around at his fellow pilots and said in hushed tones. ?Bloody pleasure my a**, why doesn?t he just put a target on my chest that says shoot me.?

?What?s that Ed??

?Oh nothing sir, I was just saying what a privilege it would be flying with you sir. After all its not every day we get to fly with the man who invented space flight.? That sparked another round of laughter from everyone. Ed had always been good at breaking up the tension.

Outbreak just shook his head and smiled. He was glad everyone had eased up a little. ?Now guys we are going to be close to our extreme combat effective range on this one. The admiral doesn?t want to risk the old lady. So we are going to all be flying with extra fuel drop tanks. As we enter the combat area, we will drop our tanks and accelerate to full speed.?

Continuing on Outbreak said, ?This is probably the most important target of all the different missions going on right now. If we can succeed in this mission it will be a very painful blow to the Empire. It would disrupt most of their offensive operations against us. They can?t continue to keep pushing us hard without supplies to back them up.?

Outbreak walked around from behind the podium and finished his briefing. ?Ok ladies, man your craft and let?s kick some a**.? Everyone filed out of the room and into the hanger bay. Ed hung back and approached Outbreak.

?You know Outbreak; we are probably going to lose a lot of people on this one. This looks to be a real fubar.?

Outbreak lowered his voice in response. ?Yea I know, command thinks we will lose at least 50% of our craft. All they care about is neutralizing this target. I told them we needed more pilots but was told this was it. Ed I am dead serious when I tell you that if you have to sacrifice every one of your bombers you will do it. That target has to be neutralized. I know it?s a hard thing to do but it?s that important.?

Ed nodded ?Well I guess you weren?t kidding when you said they were hanging our asses out.?

Looking at the clock Outbreak commented. ?We had better get going we exit hyperspace in 5 minutes.?

The two rushed out into the hanger bay and got the fighter?s and bomber?s warmed up. As the small task force dropped back into normal space forty small craft launched from the carrier and accelerated away at high speed.

G-Force was lying on the bed in his cabin. It was good to finally be able to relax. His destroyer had just come off the front lines 2 days previously. His ship was the commanding vessel of the task force. 13 ships in all had been able to move to the supply depot for some R&R and re-supply.

He just had received his official promotion to commodore. His task force had been relieved from a planetary blockade. His ship had even destroyed 4 civilian transports while on station. He was very happy with his crew, they were pretty efficient. Beside they were just Republic scum. Anyone who opposed the Empire deserved to die. It really didn?t matter; the war would soon be over.

Imperial forces had been pressing the Republic close to the breaking point. They didn?t have much left to defend with. He had been surprised to learn that the Republic had launched a series of desperate strikes against Imperial targets over the last few days. Most rear units had been alerted and where on the look out for Republic Carrier forces.

G-Force had even read the reports of the losses they had taken. The bastards were using hit and run tactics. The cowards weren?t willing to engage the main elements of the Imperial fleet. Whoever was in command of the cowards should be shot or at least shoved out an airlock. What a bunch of cowards he though to himself.

?I just hope they try for the supply depot, I will show them they can?t beat the Empire.? G-Force said aloud to himself.

He wanted to destroy another carrier. Reports had shown that of the 4 carriers that had started the incursions into Imperial space two had already been destroyed. The first carrier had hypered into the Rigal system to attack a fuel production facility. The Republic hadn?t known that a small battle group that had been conducting training there had destroyed the carrier and its small escort ships.

The second carrier had attacked a star base in the Dolorian Nebula and had also been destroyed. G-Force had made sure the 3 squadrons assigned to the supply depot were fueled and ready for emergency scramble. No filthy Republic scum was going to humiliate him.

G-Force turned his cabin light off and began to drift off to sleep when his intercom beeped. The sound brought him alert as a voice spoke out of the speaker in his room.

?Sorry to disturb you my lord but long range sensors have detected 40 incoming objects. We think they are strike craft. ETA is 19 minutes.? G-Force recognized the voice of his tactical officer.

?Put the fleet on alert code red and have the Depot scramble fighters. I am on my way.?

G-Force felt a little tingle at the base of his spine. Thank the Gods he was going to get a chance to fight the cowards. Quickly dressing himself he left his cabin and made his way to the bridge.

Outbreak had kept most of the strike craft in tight formation for the 2-hour flight to the target. They had kept all communication to flashing light to not alert any of the Imperial forces to their presence. Anticipation of the coming fight had caused his flight suit to become damp from all the perspiration he was having. He was nervous but he had to put that out of his mind, they had a job to do.

He had no time to dwell on the impending danger. He looked down at his screen and saw that little blips were starting to appear on the screen. After watching the screen for a minute his blood turned to ice. The cold feeling of fear filled his entire body. He shivered uncontrollably, there were far more ships in the area of the Depot then they had suspected. The display showed 30 little blips heading in their direction.

Flipping on his combat channel intercom he addressed his command. ?Ok gents, looks like we have been spotted. Drop the fuel tanks and start your attack runs. Red squad with me, protect those bombers at all cost. Tally Ho.?

Little metal canisters dropped away from the strike craft, and 40 afterburners switched on as the white hot glow of their engines pushed the pilots into the back of their seats. The 10 interceptors broke away from the bombers as they were much faster then the bombers.

Ed watched the interceptor?s race ahead to engage the incoming Imperial fighters so the bombers could make their runs. He knew he had to break up the bomber, they made to inviting of a target all bunched up together like they were.

Ed gave his commands to the squads. ?Eco squad descend 30 kilometers and approach from below, foxtrot you ascend 30 kilometers and hit from above. Charlie squad you are with me. Remember chaps the Depot is the target, not the ships being re-supplied. Only engage them if you have no choice.?

The 3 bomber squadrons broke up and went to max power. The object was to hit the depot from 3 different angles at the same time. Ed could see in the distance that the interceptors had engaged the Imperial fighters. He could see light dancing across space and little explosions flashing back and forth.

They said fortune favored the bold, well he hoped that was true because you couldn?t get much bolder then this. Looking out his cockpit he saw an assortment of capital ships between his squadron and the depot. The capitol ships opened up as the bombers came into range and space became a firestorm around his craft.

Outbreak yelled into his microphone. ?Red 6 pull up! You got 2 bogies on your tail. Red 3 break right now!? Outbreak had no idea how the bombers were doing. He was in the fight of his life. They were outnumbered 3 to 1. Red 3 broke hard to the right and as he did the Imperial fighter following it came right through his line of fire.

Squeezing his fire button Outbreak filled the space between the two fighters with mass driver rounds. The Imperial fighter exploded in a great fireball expanding in all directions. Outbreak fight passed through the debris and he could hear all the little fragments bouncing off of his little fighter.

?Thanks red leader? came the reply from red 3.

Before Outbreak could reply red 3 exploded as 2 Imperial fighter caught the craft between them, in there own fire. An explosion erupted behind him as an Imperial craft exploded. He hadn?t even seen the craft but saw red 7 burst through the expanding cloud.

?Thanks? he called out.

?No problem skipper, does this mean I can date your sister now?? came a response.

?Hell you can date my dear Mum now.? Outbreak laughed back. Damn that was too close he thought to himself.

3 seconds later he saw another explosion to his left and the display on his screen of red 10 disappeared. Damn he thought to himself, his men were dropping way to fast.

G-Force watched the main screen on the bridge and could see all the forces in the area displayed on his screen. The fighters from the depot were gaining the upper hand in the fight against the Republic Interceptors. It wouldn?t be long until they were all destroyed. The bombers were another story.

His capital ships were currently engaged with them. Those little bastards were proving to be very hard to shoot at. They were just so damn fast. The two squads that had went high and low were making strafing runs on the depot and were causing considerable damage. He had though tied up the third group that had come straight in. 5 of the little craft had fallen to their flak fire but were in turn pounding 2 of his frigates. One of his assault frigates was drifting away because its engine section had been nearly destroyer by the bombers.

The other frigate, an Ion was in flames from repeated plazma strikes. They were probably going to have to abandon ship in the escape pods. Those little craft were very efficient.

G-Force ordered his left group of 5 frigates to break free and support the supply depot. The depot must survive; otherwise the whole battle would be for nothing. He watched as 3 bombers started firing on the support structures on the right side of the depot. The structure was withering under the intense fire. One of the auto guns hit one of the bombers and he saw it spin out of control and impact against the last support structure beam holding the right facility in place in a hug fireball of an explosion.

The whole right facility broke away and collided with a support frigate that was next to it. The resulting explosion completely incinerated the frigate and put a gapping hole in the facility. The shock wave from it slowed the section enough from its orbit that the gravity from the planet below reached up and grabbed hold of it. It began its slow fall toward the planet.

G-Force knew there was nothing that could be done for the poor souls left alive in there. Soon it would enter the thin atmosphere of the planet and they would all be cooked alive as it began its plummet and ultimate impact against the lifeless planet.

?That better not happen again? G-Force growled out to no on in particular.

Ed was having a very tough time. He had already lost half of his Charlie squadron to the intense fire from the capitol ships. Also Foxtrot and Echo were down 3 ships each. They had however taken 2 frigates out of the fight and one of the 3 sections of the supply depot was burning as it fell into the atmosphere of the planet.

?Ok Charlie, we need to get in there and finish off the target. Punch through these caps and begin our bombing runs.?

Ed weaved his bomber through the fire from the destroyer and frigate that were in front of him. He was going to try something very daring but it successful would get him through the picket line.

Bringing his bomber in on full after burn he came straight in on the destroyer until he was just about to collide with it. At the last second he yanked his joystick back and skirted the top of the ship. He only had time to get off two shots but they both made good on their marks. The first hit the sensor platform and the second hit just in front of the bridge.

The bomber was already past the blast area as flames erupted from the ship as atmosphere vented into space. He was pretty sure the bridge crew had survived since it wasn?t a direct hit to the bridge but whoever was on the bridge would probably be pretty shaken up.

He left the destroyer behind him and with his other four bombers rocketed toward the supply depot. From the look of things his other two squadrons were beginning new attack runs. He could also see a group of 5 frigates closing in on the depot. They had to end this quickly.

Noob was very irritated. His 3 squadrons of Imperial fighter were winning the fight against the Republic fighters but it was taking too long. They were fighting like they knew they weren?t going to survive which he knew they weren?t but it made them very dangerous. Also the bombers were reeking havoc back at the depot, but he had to deal with the fighters first.

He had started out with 30 Interceptors and was down to 19 now. His opponent had started with 10 and was down to 2. This had to end so he could get the bombers. He had the two remaining fighters completely on the defensive now. They were just trying to stay alive a few more minutes it looked like.

?Enough of this? Noob said to himself.

Kicking his fighters into a high-g turn he bared down on one of the remaining enemy fighters. Coming in from the side he pulled his trigger and watched as the mass drivers from his cannons started creating holes from the front to the back of the little fighter and watched it explode into a million pieces.

?Only one left? he said to himself. Hitting his afterburners he closed the distance with the last remaining fighter and sent out a volley which took off most of the fighter?s tail. It started spinning out of control and he angled in for the kill.

Outbreak was pinned to his chair inside the little fighter barely able to remain conscious from the g-forces of the spin. This was it; he knew his time was up. Damn he wished he could have lasted a little longer. With all his effort he pressed the button that opened his com channel and yelled out.

?Ed, broken angel.?

Just as he finished saying the last words his fighter exploded from the fire that was poured into it by Noobs mass drivers.

All of the Imperial fighters raced away from the floating debris that had once been fellow pilots they had know and enemy pilots they crushed under their boots. They began to close in on the supply depot.

Ed heard the last transmission from Outbreak and knew what it meant. Broken Angel was the term used when all fighter support was lost. The enemy interceptors would not be far away. They would have no chance against them. It was time to get the hell out of dodge.

?Ok guys, last pass.? He was down to only 13 bombers left. They wouldn?t be able to finish the depot off but they had severely damaged it. The depot was spewing gas all over the place. Fires could be seen raging out of control in the massive hanger bay.

Foxtrot 4 was badly damaged and everyone knew he would never be able to escape back to the carrier. As a parting gesture he flew straight into the landing bay firing off plazma charges as fast as he could and then rammed his bomber into the interior of the supply depot. The entire inside of the hanger bay erupted into flames.

Only 12 left now. ?Ok guys, let?s haul a** out of here.?

Ed figured they would have about 4 minutes of a head start on the interceptors. The 12 remaining bombers hightailed it out of the combat zone. They would have just enough fuel to make it back. The Imperials would easily overtake them before they made it back. The only chance they would have would be to break up and take different routes back.

?Alright guys, break up into 4 groups of 3. See you all back at base. Charlie 2 and 6 you are with me.?

The bombers all broke up and sped off in different directions. Ed noticed that as they sped away from each other the interceptors did the same. Over the course of the next two hours Ed and his wingmen flew through every gas cloud and asteroid field they could find to shake their pursuers.

G-Force was furious. Not only had the Republic nearly destroyed the supply depot which would be out of commission for months they had nearly destroyed his bridge and nearly killed him. How the hell could this of happened. They would pay, if it was the last thing he ever did. Storming over to the communications officer he yelled out. ?Tell Noob he had better finish off those bombers and I want to know where the hell that carrier is.?

?Yes sir? came the frantic reply.

Ellis stood on the bridge of his carrier near his own communications station. He had monitored all the com chatter from the battle and knew how the battle had progressed. He was disappointed they hadn?t finished off the depot but also know the facility wouldn?t be operational for some time.

As he monitored the bombers racing back he knew that not many would make it back. He heard screams as retreating groups were snuffed from existence.

?Sir, Commander Ed?s group is coming into range.? The com officer called out.

?Get them on board ASAP. Helm! Jump to hyperspace as soon as they are onboard.? Ellis commanded.

?Yes sir? came the response.

Ellis walked off the bridge and made his way to the flight deck. Just as he stepped onto the deck he saw Ed?s bomber and the other two land and come to a stop.

Ed opened his canopy and a ladder was brought up for him to climb down. As he reached the ground Ellis approached him. Ed snapped off a salute and looked around the hanger bay to see how many people had made it back. His heart sank as he looked around and didn?t see any ships but his and the other two that were with his.

The ship shuddered as it entered hyperspace. Ellis knew what Ed was think and responded before the question was asked.

?You 3 are all that made it. I am sorry.?

Ed said nothing, he only nodded.

Ellis continued. ?I know this will be of no condolence to you but I hereby promote you to wing commander. When we get back to HQ we will bring on more pilots. I am sure Outbreak would be happy that you are the one to take his spot.? He saluted Ed and walked off the deck.

Ed stood in silence for a few minutes then went to his cabin. He had a few letter to write to the families of the men who had fallen that day. Part of the duty of his new job.

The Chin?Tar?AK system was the new capitol of the Taiidan Empire. The system was a binary star system with a medium size yellow star. Orbiting almost ? a solar unit away was a small white dwarf star. The system contained 8 planets; one of them was a lush green planet. The new center of the Empire was a buzz of activity with ships coming and going like crazy.

Out near the Ort cloud of the system a hyperspace bubble formed and 2 very old freighters appeared. Between the two of them a little asteroid was held in place by docking clamps.

As the ships emerged into real space their engines began to glow white as they accelerated toward the third planet, the capital. After 1 hour of acceleration the docking clamps released. The freighters jumped back into hyperspace leaving the asteroid alone for its month long journey to the center of the Taiidan Empire. The occupants inside the asteroid settled in for a long trip. There was very little space inside the rock as it hurtled through space. If anyone had gotten a good look at it, it just looked like another chunk of asteroid.

Airwolf had been monitoring the subject for the last 11 hours. He was kind of tired, pretty quick it would be time for his assistant to take over. For the last four months now the subject had been in his charge. He would have rather just killed the poor retched soul. However special orders had come down from the Imperial family that this person was to remain alive no matter what.

He looked through the one way mirror and studied the man that was strapped into the chair in the middle of the room. Screens of all sizes surrounded the prison. Each playing a different series of images. Through the speakers in the room blared messages continuously 24 hours a day. The prisoner was only clothed in a pair of shorts. Over a dozen tubes were connected to needles pumping fluids and drugs into him.

A fairly large scar could be seen that was still healing was in the middle of his chest. The new artificial hear had been a great success. During the first 3 months of re-education the prisoner had been receiving he had developed a nasty habit of dyeing every few days. The problem had been his heart, it just couldn?t cope with all the pressure they where putting on the body. It had stopped many times; it was a problem because sleep depravation and continuous torture had put a lot of strain on it.

It was a good thing Imperial medical technology was so advanced. The new artificial heart made it almost impossible now for the subject to die. The hardest part on the prisoner wasn?t the electric shocks or the pain amplifiers that had been surgically implanted. It was the sleep deprivation. He was kept awake by drugs and his eyes were pinned open for 120 hours at a time with needles through his eyelids to keep them open. He was then allowed to sleep for 7 hours and then it would start all over again.

Airwolf at times had felt sorry for the poor bastard but each time he had thought about ending the mans misery he remembered he was a Kushan. They all deserved the worst sort of existence that could be imagined. This one in particular had even been caught helping transport traitors to the Empire. The bastard had begged for death more times then he could count but that wasn?t going to happen. He would be re-educated and would one day serve the Empire.

Coitster sat in the chair. He was strapped in tight unable to move. He had never known such misery. His life in this hellhole seamed to last forever. He knew that once long ago he had, had a different life. He didn?t really remember too much of it. He thought he had married but he wasn?t really sure.

His whole life was now one big blur. What had he been thinking to oppose the Empire in any way? His tormenters had reminded him that he had helped the rebels who had broken away from the Empire. The video?s he was shown day and night had shown him the atrocities the Republic were committing on a daily basis.

He had begun to realize that even his own people were incredibly misguided to fight the Empire. What had gotten into them? The Empire had shown nothing but compassion and generosity to their subjects. How had they been repaid? By treachery and death. Even his own Kushan people had been despicable. He had seen the Imperial broadcast that had shown the death camps set up on Hiigara to keep the fight against the Empire going. Imperial prisoners and even civilians were executed whenever his people caught them. How could they?

Now because of his own treachery he had committed he was being punished. Even though he knew he deserved it, in his weakness he still repeatedly prayed for death. If he was every lucky enough to be set free he would prove to them he had seen the error of his ways. The welfare of the Empire would be his top priority.

Coitster let out a bloodcurdling scream as electricity coursed through his body again. The pain was blindingly intense. He wanted to blink and relieve his eyes but his eyelids wouldn?t close. An eyedropper would drip fluids into them every 20 minutes or so to keep him from suffering permanent damage. Oh God let this end he thought to himself.

Airwolf smiled to himself. The subject was almost ready. Soon he would be a great tool for the Empire to use. Everyone broke sooner or later. This Kushan had been a tough nut to crack at first but as always he had finally prevailed. After years at his trade he was the one to get the opportunity to server the Imperial family directly and do his part.

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Hal walked up the marble steps that lead to the throne. Upon the dais sat a figure that struck fear into almost anyone who had to speak to her. Hal himself had always liked the Empress because she ruled with an iron fist. The Empire needed a strong person to lead them out of this time of darkness.

He climbed the last few steps and knelt down in front of the throne. Bowing his head down low he addressed the Empress. ?Your highness, I your loyal subject am here to serve you. What is thy bidding??

Malice had watched Hal approach her throne and smiled. She had always liked him. He had made it quite clear after her father?s death that he would serve her. In large part she had gained the throne because of him. Because of his support she had rewarded him by making him the Supreme Commander of the entire Imperial Naval Space Forces. She had not been disappointed with the job he had done so far.

?Rise my friend.?

Hal stood up but kept his gaze low. He secretly was very attracted to Malice. She radiated power, he liked that a lot. He was also grateful for the support she had given him. He was free to do anything he wanted to. All she cared about were the results he offered.

?Let me guess. You are here to offer me a report about the raids from the Republic into our space??

?Yes your highness.? Hal responded.

?Well get on with it then. I am a busy lady.? Malice said with a slight chuckle.

?Your highness, the Republic scum were able to catch us by surprise and struck many targets. I am afraid they were able to identify several vulnerable targets. To our credit we destroyed two of their carrier groups. The actual losses to use as a whole really weren?t that bad when you consider the entire scope of operation as a whole.?

?They are using hit and run tactics. It stinks of cowardice. It has however caused a blow to our moral, and probably given them a boost to their own moral. To prevent this from happening against I am reassigning ? of our ships to escort and support duty.?

Malice had a thoughtful look on her face. ?Do you think these attacks were designed to provoke this type of response??

Hal nodded in response. ?I am sure of it your highness. It has to be an act of desperation. I am confident that even with those ships I have reassigned we still have more then enough forces to continue operations against the Republic.?

?I leave it in your heads my dear Admiral. I want to discuss the Kushan problem for a minute. The head of our intelligence service had informed me that a rouge faction called the SF clan is helping the Republic plot attacks against us.? Malice said.

?They even tell me that it was their idea to start these raids against us. This must be dealt with.?

Hal nodded. That doesn?t surprise me at all your highness. It figures a cowardly tactic like that would be their handy work.?

Malice suppressed a gleeful smile. ?Don?t fret Hal. Remember the Kushan dog you capture four months ago??

?Yes your highness I do.?

?Well I turned him over to the re-education services. I am told that he has progressed nicely and that we should be able to use him very soon. We have discovered the location of their base. It?s a small facility with only several hundred people on it. Soon I will let you deal with it. I know how much you want to play with them.? Malice said in almost a seductive tone.

?Your highness, this is wonderful news. When can I have the coordinates? I would love to rain death upon them.? Hal responded.

Malice laughed again. ?All in good time. I want a little bit more information first. When I am ready I will let you know.?

?Your know what?s best as always your highness? came the reply.

?By the way, when are we going to be starting the final push that will finally destroy the Republic? I am getting a bit antsy to reunite the Empire as it was under my father.? Malice asked.

?We are getting ready to launch a massive attack to the heart of the Republic in 3 weeks. We are just consolidating our forces for the push right now. We will have so many ships in the attack force that the Republic will have no chance of repelling the assault.? Hal responded.

?Oh splendid. Make sure that as we retake each world that the inhabitants realize the folly they made when they broke away. We should also institute our labor camps.?

?Well your highness that would be fine. On the worlds we have retaken the suffering has been most great. We break their will to resist very effectively. We will continue the policy.? Hal replied.

Malice motioned to Hal to come closer and spoke. ?I would like you to come to my room this evening. I have missed you while you have been gone.?

?Yes your highness.? Came the reply. Hal was excited that Malice had invited him to her private quarters again. God he loved this woman.

Hal bowed again and dismissed himself to help further his plans so that he would be done with his planning so he could make time for this evening so he could be with Malice.

The two of them had no idea that at that moment a very small asteroid the size of a frigate was coasting through space toward the planet. The occupants on board did there best to pass the time. If they had know the entire system would have been on full alert.

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